Wireshark GUI and Permissions in Linux

Wireshark is probably the best network monitoring tool, popularly used for network troubleshooting, analysis, and communications protocol development. I shall be showing an example of how to run Wireshart GUI on Fedora 16.


  • root level user account
  • wireshark software installed.


1.  Execute Wireshark GUI ( the GTk+, front end)  as a user account

2. Execute the network capturing part, that gathers network interface information for the network capture  dumpcap tool  as a user with root/administrator priviledges.

Run dumpcap to capture packets into a file as follows:

#: su –

#: dumpcap -g -w ./dumpfile

This dump packets into file name dumpfile in the current directory.

3. Open up Wireshark GUI and load  the dumpfile above or point wireshark to the location of the dumpfile.

Please note I have only tried this with Fedora  16.

Signing off!


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